About Us

ScreenAcoustics is the US trademark for the Norwegian brand DreamScreen (www.dreamscreen.no). Established in Oslo, Norway in 2002 we have spend numerous years developing and distributing products within the advanced audio and video segment including screens, furniture and studio grade sound proofing products. Our main focus has always been to supply custom install level quality and complexity directly to the DIY enthusiasts at more reasonable pricing so that Hi-End XXL cinema would be possible for an even larger group of (great) people. After all, we´re true AV enthusiasts as well!

Although our focus is certainly towards supplying a full range of specialty items - from constructing to equipping your cinema - the acoustical transparent screen is probably one of the most critical components in a modern high class cinema; potentially crippling both sound and image. We found that current suppliers simply were not able to provide the quality this segment deserved and we started developing our own line of acoustical transparent screen fabrics more than ten years ago. Our current generation of fabrics utilizes a brand new method; multiple reflective layers. Since it has taken us years and years and tens of thousands of meters of fabric to finally come up with this idea we have patented the technique in all vital markets, including the EU and US.

It is this line of excellent screen fabrics that are supplied under the ScreenAcoustics trademark in the US. In addition to our UltraWeave screen fabric and universal attachment grip rails, you can now also purchase our "UltraFrame" that would accommodate the use of the universal grip rails and the UltraWeave without using glue. By Q4 2017 - Q1 2018 the currently in development modular masking enabled frame will become available as well. However, as the fabric is very flexible to work with and the grip rails basically fit any type of frame, either existing aluminum or DIY wooden frames would work very well too.

In the US our line of products are distributed exclusively through the AVScience store, please see "distributors" for more information.