ScreenAcoustics MotoMask PRO for V6 UltraWeave

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NOW AVAILABLE FOR US CUSTOMERS! Please contact our exclusive distributor for pricing / ordering. Please note that the masking roller and the V6 UltraWeave screen fabric is sold separately. 

Size Chart

Please refer to this size chart for the exact image sizes for the 16:9 and 2.40:1 native frame. The actual frame is 20cm wide, to please add 40cm in total for final width / height including frame. The frame is 13cm deep.


Size Chart

Size is listed in diagonal inches, for more detailed measures, such as image width, please refer to the measurement chart at the bottom of the page.



Please note, UltraWeave V6 AT screen fabric and masking system is sold separately.

The Concept

Now that even TV shows are made in 4K HDR UHD quality the need for masking is higher than ever. However, while masking solutions are both expensive and complex, the MotoMask PRO is not. Why? We use gravity to our advantage. Both our 1-way and 2-way masking solution uses a top located roller instead of dual motors and trolleys used on most other solutions. 

We also know that people might want to invest stepwise. Therefore we made the MotoMask retrofittable. You can purchase and install the frame and UltraWeave (also sold separately) first, and easily retrofit the masking later on. 

The UltraWeave

The MotoMask PRO concept is made out to fit our patented UltraWeave acoustically transparent fabric. This superbly matte, non-speckled hybrid weave + knit fabric provides you with the sharpness normally found only in plastic PVC screens with the acoustical transparency of almost that of a regular speaker grille fabric (average loss only 1,5dB). More specs, comparisons and proof-of-concept measurements can be found here:

The Alternatives

So, two versions are available, either 16:9 native or 2.40:1 (cinescope) native formatted frames. The 16:9-version masks the image down to a 2.40:1 formatted one using a single 1-way masking panel and can also be closed completely when not in use as to protect the fabric / screen and also give a very cool effect when the home cinema is being "lit up". The 2.40:1-version also uses a single roller system, but the masking is separated into two panels, i.e. a 2-way masking solution, masking the cinescope native down to a 16:9. A picture tends to tell a thousand words, and a video even moreso;